About MAIFAMarine Accident Investigators Forum in Asia

  • Preamble


    The Forum is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of safety at sea and the prevention of marine pollution through the exchange of ideas, experiences and information acquired in marine accident investigation.

  • General

    1. General

    1.1 Name
    The Name of the meeting is Marine Accident Investigators Forum in Asia.

    1.2 Abbreviation
    The official abbreviation is MAIFA, and the organization will hereinafter be referred to as MAIFA.

    1.3 Definition

    1.3.1 Marine accident
    A marine accident is any marine casualty, occurrence or incident as defined in the Code of international standards and recommended practices for a safety investigation into a marine casualty or marine incident (as amended)(hereinafter "the Code") which will or has the potential to advance the objectives of MAIFA through lessons learned in the investigative process.

    1.3.2 Investigator
    An investigator, herein, is a person qualified and appointed to investigate a casualty, or incident, under procedures laid down in national legislation for the furtherance of marine safety and protection of the marine environment.

    1.4 MAIFA Emblem

  • Purpose and Objectives

    2. Purpose and Objectives

    2.1 Purpose
    The purpose of the Forum is to foster co-operation and communication between member in conducting marine accident investigations, with a view to improving maritime safety and preventing marine pollution within the region.

    2.2 Objectives
    The objectives of the Forum are:
    (1) To foster co-operation in conducting investigations,
    (2) To improve maritime safety and prevent marine pollution through the exchange of information gained in the investigative process, and;
    (3) To facilitate the exchange of views, techniques and experiences in conducting marine accident investigations among investigators in Asia.

    2.3 MAIFA Representation

  • Membership

    3. Membership

    3.1 Eligibility
    Every marine accident investigation administration within Asian region is eligible to become a member of the Forum.

    3.1.1 Member
    Investigators representing a member of Forum shall be appointed or employed by an administration in the process of marine accident investigation. A person representing commercial or private interests outside an administration shall not be eligible as an investigator.

    3.1.2 Proof of eligibility
    Investigators attending the Forum shall be required to provide documentary proof of meeting the criteria laid in 3.1.1; and continue to meet these criteria, as reviewed from time to time.

    3.1.3 New member
    Acceptance of a new member shall be decided by the existing members.

    3.1.4 Observer
    The host administration in consultation with the members may permit any maritime administration and organization that share the same objectives of the meeting to send delegates to attend the Forum as observers.

    3.2 Voting
    Members shall be eligible to vote on the basis of one vote per member. No single investigator at the Forum will have more than one vote, no matter how many Administrations or an agency of Administrations he/she represents. Issues shall be generally decided by consensus, but when necessary by members on the basis of a simple majority. An observer shall be excluded from voting.

    3.3 Motions
    Every motion made by a member requires seconding and shall be generally decided by consensus.
    No member may represent or act on behalf of MAIFA without the consent of the members.

  • Meeting

    4. Meetings

    4.1 Annual meeting
    A meeting shall be held annually. The time and the place of the annual meeting shall be decided at the previous meeting.

    4.2 Host administration
    Members are encouraged to offer to host the meeting. The host administration is expected to provide the venue and administrative support for the meeting. It is also expected to prepare reports of the meeting for approval at the next meeting.

    4.3 Chairmanship

    4.3.1 Chairman

    The host administration shall chair the meeting. The chairman��s role is mainly to facilitate the meeting process and discussions. Any motions made by member organizations shall be decided by consensus. It is expected no voting would be required.

    4.3.2 Host administration
    The host administration for the next meeting shall be responsible for coordination of administrative and secretarial affairs for the meeting after the host administration of previous meeting has completed its draft meeting reports.

    4.4 Expenses for travel
    Members participating in the meeting are expected to bear the traveling and daily living expenses of their delegates.

    4.5 Financial assistance to facilitate participation
    A host administration may provide financial support to members that have budgetary constraints to encourage their participation in the annual meeting.

  • Miscellaneous

    5. Miscellaneous

    5.1 MAIFA website
    MAIFA operates an official internet website to encourage the exchange of information in conducting marine accident investigation and communication among members.

    5.2 Implementation of resolution
    Any resolution adopted at the annual meeting has no legally binding force, but all members are invited to implement it on their own initiative.

  • Amendments

    6. Amendments

    6 Amendments of the Charter
    Amendments to this charter may be proposed by any member. Such proposals shall be submitted to the host administration in writing for circulating to members for consideration at the annual meeting.