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SubjectThe 4th Working Level Meeting between MAIA and KMST Hit1756
WriterLee Min Jung Date2006.05.16

The 4th Working Level Meeting between Marine Accident Inquiry Agency of Japan<br> and Korean Maritime Safety Tribunal will be held from May 24 to 25 in Busan, Korea. <br> <br /> <br />1. Date: May 24-25, 2006<br> <br /> <br />2. Venue: Paradise Hotel (Busan, Korea)<br> <br /> <br />3. Provisional Agenda<br> <br />① Analysis of bilateral cooperation since last meeting<br> <br />② Exchange of views on the revised Code for marine safety investigation (IMO Doc. FSI 14/6)<br> <br />③ Further cooperation - Common issues for both organizations, Ways to promote cooperation <br> <br /> <br />4. Participants (Persons in charge)<br> <br /> Mr. Yamamoto Tetsuya: Deputy Investigator General, MAIA Japan<br> <br /> Mr. Yong Seok Kim: Senior Investigator, KMST<br>

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