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SubjectUK Ports Policy Review Hit1648
WriterLee Min Jung Date2006.05.25

Tuesday, 23 May 2006 <br /> <br />THE UK's shipping minister Stephen Ladyman has launched a Ports Policy Review and invited responses “on a range of<br> broad strategic issues”. He also announced the outcome of a review of the management of ports in local authority<br> ownership in England and Wales. <br /> <br />Dr Ladyman said: "International trade in goods accounts for nearly 30% of our GDP, and ports are overwhelmingly the<br> gateways to the global distribution network. They are crucial to our success in a global economy. And ports have wider<br> impacts upon our economy, society and environment, which Government has to address. <br /> <br />He added: "The Ports Policy Review which I'm launching today should inform, and set the right limits for, future Government involvement in what is already a thriving, largely commercial sector."

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