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SubjectTankers collide in English Channel Hit1540
WriterLee Min Jung Date2006.06.12

Friday 9th June, 2006 (UPI) <br /> <br />Two tankers, one of them carrying more than 40,000 tons of oil, collided on the 9th off the south coast of England. <br /> <br />No spilled oil had been reported, the BBC said. The collision took place in the English Channel about 20 miles<br> south of Shoreham, West Sussex. <br /> <br />A spokesman for the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency described the damage to the two ships as minor.<br> The MV Shakhdag, sailing under the flag of Malta, was carrying oil, while the other vessel, the MV Willy, was <br>on its way to a refinery on the Mersey River to pick up oil. <br /> <br />The Willy was sent to Amsterdam for repair. An inspector was sent to the Shakhdag to determine if the vessel<br> could continue to its destination, Portland in Dorset. <br /> <br />-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> <br />NO SPILL FROM CHANNEL TANKER COLLISION <br /> <br />Monday, 12 June 2006 <br /> <br />The UK's Maritime and Coastguard Agency has reported no spillage following a tanker collision in the English Channel<br> twenty miles south of Shoreham. The 44,000 dwt tanker Shakhdag, fully loaded with diesel oil, sustained only superficial<br> damage to its main deck at the stern as well as to some upper deck equipment. The second vessel, the Willy, in ballast,<br> had a split midships in its upper deck ballast tank.

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