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SubjectPoulson Slams Lack OF Investment in Training Hit1713
WriterLee Min Jung Date2006.10.24

Monday, 23 October 2006 <br /> <br />A major reason for the dramatic reduction in numbers of mariners and surveyors going forward is that seafaring is<br> becoming a Third World occupation according to John Poulson, the retiring chairman of the American Association<br> of Average Adjusters. <br /> <br />This observation was just of several scathing comments he made at the annual general meeting in New York of<br> the American Association of Average Adjusters before he stepped down. <br /> <br />Speaking on his chosen theme of “Where Do We Go from Here?”, he said: “A decline in certain areas of profit,<br> albeit sometimes serious, has driven many individuals and companies in our industry to take a self-centred look<br> at their world and concentrate on their escape route. <br /> <br />“The resulting lack of investment in people and training of individuals in the disciplines of our industry has become,<br> quite frankly, shocking and unacceptable.” <br /> <br />At present there are more questions than we have answers for, he continued. This is nothing new – solving<br> problems has been key to driving development of industries forward over many years. The problem comes when<br> there is no one willing to tackle those questions. <br /> <br />Referring to the ISM Code, Mr Poulson said that, instead of tackling the standard of training, the system has<br> shifted the focus of responsibility to management ashore. While originally the Safety Management System was<br> custom designed and developed for individual companies and their fleets, it was not long before systems could<br> be bought off the shelf to save costs. The results are predictable and clear to see from the outcome of vessel<br> inspections by other parties. <br /> <br />He added: “Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that the worst casualties I have ever surveyed in<br> terms of quantum and loss of life all occurred on vessels with immaculate ISM paperwork”.

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