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Subject"Get Involved in ISM Revision!" Hit1748
WriterLee Min Jung Date2006.11.01

Tuesday, 31 October 2006 <br /> <br />SHIPPING and insurance consultant Phil Anderson of ConsultISM has called on all involved in the maritime industry<br> to have their say in a review of the ISM Code which will take place at IMO. <br /> <br />Dr. Anderson says he believes that a full review of the ISM Code is on the agenda of the next IMO Maritime Safety <br>Committee meeting scheduled for the end of November 2006. However, he understands that the reviewwill be<br> undertaken over a period of time and will not be concluded at that meeting. <br /> <br />He says: “Such an opportunity to amend the Code will not arise very often. I would urge everyone in the industry to<br> give careful thought to this and consider submitting ideas and suggestions for possible amendment toyour flag state<br> Administration or an NGO with which you may be associated – e.g. International Chamber of Shipping,<br> BIMCO, IACS, IFSMA etc. or write directly to the IMO.” <br /> <br />Dr. Anderson has set out his own ‘wish list' of issues which he believes needs addressing and dealing with in any<br> review of the ISM Code: <br /> <br />  1. Introduce a structured training programme and examination / qualification for Designated Persons. <br>  2. Provide a clearer definition of the role and responsibilities of the D.P. <br>  3. Mandate formal requirement for risk assessment methods to be adopted.<br>  4. Provide a more detailed authoritative ‘commentary' on the Code and its requirements – possibly a rewrite /<br>  expansion of the ICS / ISF Guidelines. This would assist with international, and legal, interpretation of the<br>  requirements. Guidelines on the extent of paperwork actually required to be given within the commentary. <br>  5. Provide a clearer explanation / definition of what is intended by ‘taking account of industry guidelines' in<br>  Section <br>  6. Establish guidelines for training of Seafarers (possibly through STCW revision) and Shore Management on<br>  Safety Management and ISM related issues. <br>  7. Set out more detailed guidelines on Internal Auditing procedures and frequency.

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