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SubjectFAL Amendments Enter Into Force Hit1713
WriterLee Min Jung Date2006.11.07

“Single window”, persons rescued at sea - FAL amendments enter into force <br /> <br />Several important amendments to the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (FAL Convention)<br> entered into force on 1 November 2006. They include new recommended practices to encourage the use of <br>electronic systems for exchanging data and, generally, to simplify procedures to enhance the facilitation of trade. <br>The new recommended practices include transmission of data, required in connection with the arrival, stay and<br> departureof ships, persons and cargo, to a single point (the "Single Window" concept ) and use of pre-arrival data<br> for subsequent release and clearance of passengers and cargo. Another amendment requires authorities to<br> facilitate the arrival and departure of ships carrying persons rescued at sea. <br /> <br />The amendments, adopted in July 2005, include the following:<br> <br /> <br />Section 1 - Definitions and general provisions <br /> <br />  ● Amended Recommended Practice 1.3 provides that measures and procedures for security, or for preventing<br>   the trafficking of narcotics, should be efficient, use information technology, and should not cause unnecessary<br>   delays. <br> <br />  ● New Recommended Practice 1.7.1 encourages the development of electronic systems to exchange<br>   information relating to the arrival, stay and departure of ships, persons and cargo.<br> <br />  ● New Recommended Practice 1.8.1 encourages submission of all information required required by public<br>   authorities, in connection with the arrival, stay and departure of ships, persons and cargo, to a single entry<br>   point, avoiding duplication. <br /> <br />Section 2 - Arrival, stay and departure of the ship <br /> <br />   ● New Recommended Practice 2.1.2 urges the use of pre arrival and pre-departure information to facilitate the<br>   subsequent release/clearance of cargo and persons. <br> <br />  ● New Recommended Practice 2.1.4 says that a separate General Declaration, Cargo Declaration, Crew List<br>   and Passenger List should not be needed if the data are already included in pre-arrival   information. <br> <br />  ● New Recommended Practice 2.1.5 urges the development of systems for the electronic transmission of data<br>   for pre arrival and pre-departure information and the re-use or subsequent use of the same information for  release/<br>   clearance of passengers and cargo. <br> <br />  ● The IMO FAL Forms 1 to 7 are also updated.

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