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SubjectKnolwedge System “Needed” Hit1692
WriterLee Min Jung Date2006.11.16

Tuesday, 14 November 2006 <br /> <br />A new Knowledge Management System may help train seafarers in future, according to speakers at seminar held<br> in London last week to demonstrate a new approach to knowledge sharing in maritime operations. The event<br> presented the results of a two-year study by a multi-national team. <br /> <br />‘We need a system that will help manage information, processes and knowledge in the shipping sector. Useful<br> information often resides in various documents, projects, processes, and most of the time in people's heads. Too<br> frequently this knowledge is either not stored or is difficult to retrieve when necessary. Information about practices<br> usually reside in a particular individual's head and is even more difficult to capture and use,' said Prof Becker-Heins<br> of Bremen University in his address. <br /> <br />Uwe Zellmer, project chairman, recently of Hanseatic Shipping, Cyprus addressed the heart of the matter. He said,<br> ‘Shipping will benefit from better qualified seafarers. Bringing a structure to unstructured information in knowledge<br> capture and creation will enable successful patterns to be recognised and stored as best practises'. <br /> <br />He added, ‘This will foster innovation from the knowledge – brainstorm, apply tacit knowledge to existing problems,<br> develop new techniques, processes and products.'

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