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SubjectIMO Secretary-General's Mandate Renewed Hit1461
WriterLee Min Jung Date2006.11.16

Mr. Efthimios E. Mitropoulos outlined his agenda for the future as the IMO Council confirmed its support for his<br> continuing to serve the Organization as Secretary-General for another four years. <br /> <br />Looking to the future, Mr. Mitropoulos said that the safety of life at the sea should continue to be IMO's principal<br> objective. In particular, he singled out the 'goal-based standard' concept, and spoke of the "beneficial impact<br> it will certainly have." <br /> <br />He added, "We should continue to pay due regard to the contribution to enhanced safety of flag, port and coastal<br> States, classification societies and other stakeholders, all having an important role to play in collectively<br> implementing, maintaining and raising the safety standards of shipping". <br /> <br />Anticipating a period in which significant long-term efforts to improve maritime safety and reduce the risk of pollution<br> will take effect, Mr. Mitropoulos spoke of the many challenges currently facing the Organization. <br /> <br />Efforts to put the Voluntary Members State Audit Scheme on a strong basis from which to move forward must<br> continue, he said, and he pledged to ensure that the IMO Secretariat had the necessary resources to support the<br> Scheme as vigorously as possible. <br /> <br />He also said he intended to strengthen the Secretariat to continue to address the maritime security issue. He<br> stressed the importance of guarding against complacency in assessing the risks of terrorism and raising shipping's <br>defences to protect human lives, property and the environment. <br /> <br />Referring to an earlier Council decision to dedicate next year's World Maritime Day to IMO's response tocurrent<br> environmental challenges, Mr. Mitropoulos called for the intensification of efforts to implement the Organization's<br> marine environment-related instruments that were already in place and to bring those in the pipeline to a successful<br> conclusion within reasonable time limits.

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