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SubjectAsian Owners Split on Distillate Fuel Hit1771
WriterLee Min Jung Date2006.12.05

Thursday, 30 November 2006 <br /> <br />THE Asian Shipowners' Forum (ASF) Safe Navigation & Environment Committee (SNEC) SNEC has, like its<br> ASEAN counterpart, issued a statement opposing Intertanko's proposal for the world fleet to switch from <br>residual to distillate fuel. <br /> <br /><p.However the move was made against a strong recommendation from Hong Kong Shipowners' Association<br> in favour of the Intertanko initiative. HKSOA's director Arthur Bowring was unable to attend the SNEC meeting<br> but told Anderimar Shipping News from Manila, where he was attending a conference: “We are sticking to our<br> guns on this issue. We could not attend the meeting, and we sent a strong recommendation in advance of the<br> meeting that the SNEC support Intertanko. Unfortunately, it appears that the meeting decided to take a different<br> position.” <br /> <br />The SNEC statement says that while it fully supports efforts in environmental protection, is concerned with<br> Intertanko's proposal for all ships to switch from residual fuel to distillate fuel. It argues: “Besides substantial<br> cost increase, the Committee is particularly concerned whether there were any due consideration given to the <br>supply capability of the refining industry to meet the sudden increased demand for distillate fuel.The SNEC is <br>in favour of a gradual reduction in the sulphur cap on gas emission from bunker fuel over a period of time. At the<br> same time, thorough feasibility studies should continue into the use of abatement technologies.”

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