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SubjectIntroduction of new personnel within MAIFA Board Hit5136
WriterKo, Chunsong Date2010.01.27

Dear Ms. and Mr. <br /> <br />I am the newly join investigator in KMST for the specially set up Team named "Korea Marine Accident and Safety Investigation Team", which is to meet the requirement of Casualty Investigation Code. <br /> <br />This team is composed of 3 personnel. <br />Mr. Kim, Byeong Gon(team leader), Ms. Oh, Ji Seol, and I (Chunsong Ko) are those designated for the investigation tasks under the Code. <br />As the amendment procedure in National Assembly in Korea  for the relevant domestic Law is taking more time than expected, this team will be acting as a temporary one for the tasks. <br />However, when it''s amended, this team will take the same role on the base of legal supports. <br /> <br />By the way, there have been some responses on the questionnaire that Mr. Lee sent on 11th Jan. 2010. <br />Thank you so much for those kind responses. <br />I am still awaiting for further responses on the inquiry letter. <br /> <br />Though still the schedule of 13th MAIFA meeting is not fixed, I do hope to see you soon. <br /> <br />Yours Sincerely, <br /> <br />Chunsong Ko in KMST <br /> 

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