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SubjectIntroduction of KMST's new e-mail account Hit2312
WriterChunsong Ko Date2010.11.23

Dear all members, <br /> <br />How are you doing? <br /> <br />I would like to introduce a new e-mail account for the point of contact of KMST. <br /> <br />Now, Korea Marine Accident and Safety Investigation Team of KMST has a designated e-mail account, which is: <br /> <br />Any communication via e-mail under the IMO Code will be handled by this e-mail from now on. <br /> <br />To give some allowance of promotion and notification, my personal e-mail account will be also used at the same time for certain period. <br /> <br />I cordially ask you to update your e-mail address book with above one. <br /> <br />Hoping to see you in Bahamas or in Indonesia! <br /> <br />Chunsong Ko,

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