Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In accordance with related laws including the KMST Personal Information Protection Act, we protect users’ personal information.
The procedure for collecting and using personal information for the operation of the KMST website is disclosed below.

  • 1Purpose of collection and use of personal information

    Member information provided in registration for the KMST are individually collected and utilized for operation.

  • 2Personal information items to be collected, method of collection, legal basis and period of retention

    Member information provided in registration for the KMST are individually collected and utilized for operation and activity.

    • a. 

      Items to be collected : Name, Gender, Department, Date of Birth, Nationality, Mobile phone number, email, IP address, Date/Time of visit, Service usage records, Cookies, Device information

    • b.: 

      Method of collection : Through system connection.

    • c. 

      Basis for data retention : Subject of information under Article 15 (1) No. 1 of the [Personal Information Protection Act]

  • 3Period of retention and use of personal information
    • a. 

      In principle, the personal information of a user shall be disposed of without delay under the request of the user.
      However, in the event that separate consent from the user has been obtained regarding the period of information storage, or if there is an imposed legal obligation to store the information for a certain period of time, the personal information shall be stored safely during the corresponding period.

    • b. 

      Period of data retention : Disposal after 5 years of storage

    • c. 

      Period of use : Until termination of the service

    • d. 

      Access Record Management

      Login records : 

      Disposal after 5 years of storage

  • 4Restrictions following refusal to provide personal information
    • a. 

      Users have the right to decline consent during personal information collection, and consequences may ensue.

    • b. 

      Users have the right of choice regarding enabling cookies. However, difficulty may arise in using some services if cookies are not enabled.

    I have fully understood the content of this agreement. According to relevant laws and regulations including the Personal Information Protection Act, I have been notified of the above articles and agree to the collection and use of my personal information.